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All of these are REAR attachments. They are universal and for use with all tractors rear 3 point system.

All attachments are for local pickup only. We do not ship. Freight prices are a bit crazy and many times add over $200 to the cost.

All of our attachments/implements are Brand New and have at minimum a 1 year warrantee.


Rear 3-point HD hay spear [3000lbs] with stabilizer bars and also a Gooseneck Trailer Mover and also a Bumper pull Trailer Mover. This is a 3-in-1 piece of equipment.

Now with this simple but specialized attachment you can pick up small or LARGE hay bales and move all types of trailers with your tractor. It's a must have for any ranch and especially hay operations.

Imagine putting a bunch of hay on a trailer (in the fields) and then turn around and hauling that same trailer back with you to your hay storage place AND eliminating one person since you can do it all by yourself. How much does that person cost you per day? No more having to drive a tractor (person 1) and a pickup (person 2) with the trailer anymore.


This is a rear 3 point hay spear for 4X5 hay bales.

SALE $599.00

Carry All's (Transport box) that are 3 point hook-up and 5' wide for tractors.

You now can carry a generator and air compressor, hoses, whatever and always have air and pneumatics with you at all times.

Plus the rear door swings like a dump truck and the entire metal box rotates so if you put dirt or mulch in it you can drop it all at once.

The rear door can be removed, the side can be removed and the back wall can be removed.

Also it folds down out of your way.

It is great for keeping tools and whatnot with you always in the fields.

 7 Foot (84") HD Rotary Tiller $2699.00

The 84" Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller is the perfect for preparing seed beds. This unit features a Category 1 hitch, PTO gear driven, and can work up to 8" deep! 

- Heavy duty gear box.
- Left and right handed L-shaped tines for optimal performance.
- Heavy duty 28 oz tines for durability.
- PTO Shaft and bottom link pins included! 

- Cutting Width: 84"
- Tine Swing: 18"
- Tine Thickness: 1/4"
- Drive Type: Gear Driven / PTO with Shear Pin
- Rotor Rotation: Forward
- PTO Shaft RPM: 540 rpm
- Rotor Shaft RPM: 214 rpm
- Working Depth: 2-8" 
- Power Requirement: 18-40 HP
- Connection type: Category 1 3-Point Hitch


Box blade shanks, rippers, teeth, or scarifier.

CAT1  $199.00

CAT2/3 $290.00

3 point Quick Hitch Attach. It is made for Category 1 setups. It has a 27 3/16" clearance hook-up.

This tractor hitch lets you quickly and easily attach and release three-point implements without leaving your tractor seat. Designed for tractors up to 45 HP.

  • -Withstands tough work conditions
  • -Designed for tractors up to 45 HP
  • -Fits most category 1 tractors
  • -Four position draw pin adjustments
  • -Powder coated to resist rust
  • -Meets ASAE specifications

Category 2 Quick Hitch Attach. They are built HD just like the CAT1 but are a bit larger. They are 36¾" clearance hook up for CAT2 attachments. This is for tractors up to about 100hp.


Heavy duty 3 pt. scissor lift / scissor jack. Extend the reach and range of your tractor's 3-point hitch with this 3-point Scissor lift

  • - Constructed of heavy duty 4" x 4" steel tubing and heavy duty pinion.
  • - Use as a high lift for raising items with out a front end loader.
  • - Great for loading into a truck bed, trailer, or double stack hay in the barn.
  • - Compatible with CAT 1 tractor 3-point hitches.
  • - Installs to the lower lift arms and top link to raise and lower attachments.
  • - A top link or cylinder can be used to install attachments to your scissor lift.
  • - Ideal for 3-point bale spears and pallet forks available from Chief Products.
  • - Weight: 148 LB
  • - Width: 27.5"
  • - Height: 36.2"
  • - Height from lift pins to pinion: 18.5"
  • - Steel: 4" x 4" tubing

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We have made it much easier for you to use universal quick-tach implements/attachments on your tractor. You can mount this onto any CAT 1 tractor’s 3-point hitch to simplify attaching and removing implements that require the universal skid steer mount system. Increase the versatility of your tractor by allowing it to easily use a wider variety of attachments such as mount plates, rakes, buckets, pallet fork attachments and more.

  • - Connects to Category 1 tractors with 3 point hitch
  • - Allows you to use universal skid steer quick attach attachments on your tractor
  • - Heavy duty construction
  • - Adds convenience to changing out attachments on your tractor
  • - Weight: 106 lb
  • - Width: 44"
  • - Depth: 5 3/4"
  • - Fits standard Category 1 attachments
  • - Pins: Top pin - 4 1/2" x 3/4", Bottom pin - 4 1/4" x 3/4"
  • - Top pin to bottom - 19", Lift pin spread 26"
  • - Color: Black

Compatibility: Fits most category 1 tractors with 3 point hitch connection

Usage: Mount onto your tractor’s 3-point hitch to enable it to use quick-tach skid steer-style implements

Sturdy: Made from heavy duty steel with powder-coated finish that prevents rust

Dimensions: Bottom pin - 4 1/4" x 7/8", Top pin - 4 3/4" x 3/4", Top pin to bottom - 19"; Lift pin spread - 26", Width - 44", Depth - 5 3/4"

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SALE $1499.00

This 3-point trimmer mower allows you to use your tractor to mow along fence lines, walls, and posts. The pivoting deck is ideal for uneven perimeter maintenance as it allows the trimmer head to follow the contour of the landscape, leaving the grass looking great. Cutting height adjustment gives you precise control over the height of the remaining grass.

  • - Spring-Loaded mowing arm automatically deflects around posts
  • - Pivoting deck is ideal for perimeter cutting
  • - Adjustable height anti-scalping wheel
  • - Heavy-duty cutting cords included
  • - Steel guard protects fence posts
  • - Protected shaft keeps PTO safe from debris
  • - Extra cutting cords included
  • - Category 1
  • - Cutting height: 1" - 8.5"
  • - Cutting width: 23" diameter
  • - Length: 74.5"
  • - Width: 36.75"
  • - Height: 17"
  • - Wheel height: 8"
  • - Weight: 330 lbs

$59.00 WITH HOOK

All ball mounts have a heavy duty black powder coat finish to resist rust and corrosion and are manufactured and tested to meet all current SAE safety standards. Heavy duty black powder coat finish, 3 hitch ball sizes: 1-7/8 in. ; 2 in. ; 2-5/16 in.
The specialized trailer hitch is used mainly for off-road use such as tractors, lawn mowers or ATV/UTV's. It comes with a 2 inch ball, a chain wrap-around and also a Lunette ring/hole to insert a Thumb Clevis pin. Fits in a standard 2" receiver.

- Hitch ball size: 1-7/8 in.; 2 in.; 2-5/16 in.
- Receiver size: 2 in.
- Added tow hook for increased practicality
Length: 10 in.
- Pin Size: 5/8" (Pins not included)
- Capacity: 3500 lb (1 7/8"), 5000 lb (2"), 7,500 lb (2 5/16")
Heavy duty black powder coat finish