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Brenham, TX 77833

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About Us

Thank you for taking the time to read about our company. I, Aaron, the owner, have been battling terminal cancer for over three years now. While I wasn't able to work outside my ranch because of my sickness, I had to find some way to make at least a partial income. That is how Chief Products came about.

I have spent my entire work career taking care of customers. To me, customers always come first. For over 15 years I handled the entire network operations of many many businesses. Everything from being a Dell distributor to fixing computers. Unfortunately, everything was on site at my customers' businesses and I could not do it any longer.

So a long story short, Chief Products was born, a ranch based business, where I sometimes have the luxury of when I am extremely tired, I can slow down (customer permitting) and take a break.

I then first purchased an Animal Immobilizer for myself because I just don't have the strength I once had, not to mention the "getting hurt" portion that comes with handling 1500lb cattle. This specific product made miracles for me and realized the importance that all of us Ranchers/Farmers/Vets and so on needed to have access to. So I became the Texas distributor for the RAU Animal Immobilizer.

Most important of all is to give credit where credit is due. That means ALL GLORY TO GOD! Only because of Him, I am still alive today and He absolutely without a doubt put His hand on me. I can only say "How awesome is He".